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Crush the Castle Crush the Castle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I surrender!!!!

-179.5|w_i:1263.25,-239.85|w_i:1259.3 5,-332.2|w_i:1255.6,-195.75|c_k:585.5 ,272.05|w_i:919.95,356.25|w_i:916.85,
224.15|w_i:919.95,87.3|w_i:918.35,-35 .7|c_p:1122.2,-229.55|c_q:738.45,-44.
95|w_i:734.85,47.65|w_i:1069.2,-237.4 5|w_i:946.2,341.5|w_i:947.85,248|w_i:
940.45,120.65|w_i:941.7,32.75|w_i:938 .35,-57.25|p_t:737.95,-102.95|w_s:114 0,-250.6|w_s:925.55,-81.9|fl_i:974.2,


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Sorry, Its boring

The game idea is nice and i like the graphics, but the problem is your game play. i mean, Why bugs?? and why all natural stuff? How about for enemies use war machines and for weapons use machine guns and rocket launchers. Also make the field bigger. so that is why you get a 6.

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eWave responds:

war machines? machine guns? rocket launchers? Whow, what a great idea. No other TD game is using such stuff.